Last month we ventured to Argentina, a place where Sobremesa is deeply ingrained in the culture and heritage of the people, where the artists continue to handcraft exquisite one-of-a kind pieces in leather, textiles and wood adding a significant layer of authenticity to each handmade piece we curate for Studio Findings. Each piece becomes more than just functional items; they are reflections of the traditions and artistic expressions of this vibrant country. They serve as tangible representations of the rich cultural tapestry that defines Argentina.

Our travels took us to Buenos Aires, a hustling city full of café’s, boutiques and artisanal fairs staged throughout the center of the city, while in BA we had the opportunity to work with our 4th generation leather factory where each leather piece is meticulously handmade. Next on our journey was a Spanish Colonial City in the far North of Argentina called Salta, where meeting with artisans firsthand allowed us to capture the stories, the artistry, and the craftsmanship that are interwoven into each piece. These encounters become invitations to appreciate the cultural heritage embedded in every creation, turning each product into carriers of a narrative that spans generations.

It’s not only about the end product; it’s about a connection with the soul of a place, its people, and their traditions, going beyond the transactional nature of a purchase. In essence, our approach embodies the true spirit of Sobremesa, creating not just beautiful product but our joy of sharing these experiences that foster connection, appreciation, and a profound sense of shared cultural heritage.