Crafting Elegance: Journeying through Argentina's Artisan Heritage and Beyond

We, at Studio Findings share a passion to elevate traditional high-quality craftsmanship, while we highlight the heritage and traditions of Argentina’s handmade craftsmanship, we also search and discover skilled artisans, vendors and makers from around the world.

We stopped into the factory in Buenos Aires to work with Luciano and team (a.k.a. Renata’s cousin) who runs our leather production there, a fourth-generation craftsman. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with Tosone who’s been producing handmade leather goods since the 1930’s. We collaborated with the team to create our newest Sobremesa tabletop capsule. These exclusive made pieces reflect our intent to bring beauty into your home and gatherings and cherished spaces you share.

Our curated collection of home products from Argentina exude the impeccable craftsmanship of generational artisans. Our carefully selected products possess a timeless aesthetic that showcases this country’s rich cultural heritage. From intricately woven textiles that tell stories of identity to meticulously crafted leather goods that capture the narrative of Argentine craftsmanship. Celebrating and sharing these stories enhance the appreciation for the cultural significance and artistry behind each piece.

The emphasis on working with skilled craftsmen and family-owned factories aligns with our values of preserving traditions and contributing to the resilience of time-honored craftsmanship. Our curated collection of home products are a thoughtful blend of cultural richness and timeless aesthetics bringing beauty into your everyday living space and inspire you to dwell well every day.

Discovering the Artistry of Argentina

Last month we ventured to Argentina, a place where Sobremesa is deeply ingrained in the culture and heritage of the people, where the artists continue to handcraft exquisite one-of-a kind pieces in leather, textiles and wood adding a significant layer of authenticity to each handmade piece we curate for Studio Findings. Each piece becomes more than just functional items; they are reflections of the traditions and artistic expressions of this vibrant country. They serve as tangible representations of the rich cultural tapestry that defines Argentina.

Our travels took us to Buenos Aires, a hustling city full of café’s, boutiques and artisanal fairs staged throughout the center of the city, while in BA we had the opportunity to work with our 4th generation leather factory where each leather piece is meticulously handmade. Next on our journey was a Spanish Colonial City in the far North of Argentina called Salta, where meeting with artisans firsthand allowed us to capture the stories, the artistry, and the craftsmanship that are interwoven into each piece. These encounters become invitations to appreciate the cultural heritage embedded in every creation, turning each product into carriers of a narrative that spans generations.

It’s not only about the end product; it’s about a connection with the soul of a place, its people, and their traditions, going beyond the transactional nature of a purchase. In essence, our approach embodies the true spirit of Sobremesa, creating not just beautiful product but our joy of sharing these experiences that foster connection, appreciation, and a profound sense of shared cultural heritage.

The Sobremesa Collection

“Sobremesa” is a beautiful and profound concept that goes beyond just the act of sharing a meal. It embodies a cultural tradition deeply ingrained in Latin American societies, emphasizing the significance of post-meal moments in fostering connections and building lasting relationships.

The values of community and the joy of shared moments are at the heart of Sobremesa. It’s not just about the food on the table but also about the conversations, stories, and bonds that are formed during the extended time spent together after a meal. This tradition encourages people to linger, connect, and savor the experience of being in each other’s company.

By bringing the experience of Sobremesa to your home and table, you are not just acquiring tangible products; you are embracing a cultural ritual. Our products are not merely functional additions but conduits to create an ambiance that facilitates meaningful conversations and joyful connections. Each piece is a representation of the commitment to add beauty and depth to every gathering, making it an unforgettable experience.

In essence, our aspiration is to share more than just products; it’s an invitation to partake in a tradition that celebrates togetherness, the art of lingering conversations, and the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere.