Our roots: What we're about.

Studio Findings, a global conscientious company, is rooted in friendships, sisterhood, and a passion for shared experiences. We’re always looking for ways to stir the imagination, from creating an ambiance with simplicity and sophistication that leaves lasting memories to elevated experiences. Environments that invite all guests to stay awhile, breathe, laugh, and linger a little longer. Almost like it was created especially for them.

We value the heart of the handmade, the journey, and the discoveries it brings. We are treasure hunters, life designers, and story finders, and we couldn’t go any longer without sharing it with you.

Studio Findings brings exceptional pieces that cultivate the art of gathering and dwelling well. Our products are joyfully designed to deepen the connections in your styled spaces.

Our message: Why we do what we do.

Every piece we create and curate has a purpose and intentional function. We think about you, how you will use our products and how these unique finds thoughtfully integrate and flow into your everyday life experiences.

Everything we do is meant to inspire and bring you on a journey by creating warm, welcoming spaces where people want to gather, connect, and dwell a little longer.

Our pieces travel the globe to be with you. They entwine elegance with simple beauty, enrich environments, and give great stories and good company.