We, at Studio Findings share a passion to elevate traditional high-quality craftsmanship, while we highlight the heritage and traditions of Argentina’s handmade craftsmanship, we also search and discover skilled artisans, vendors and makers from around the world.

We stopped into the factory in Buenos Aires to work with Luciano and team (a.k.a. Renata’s cousin) who runs our leather production there, a fourth-generation craftsman. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with Tosone who’s been producing handmade leather goods since the 1930’s. We collaborated with the team to create our newest Sobremesa tabletop capsule. These exclusive made pieces reflect our intent to bring beauty into your home and gatherings and cherished spaces you share.

Our curated collection of home products from Argentina exude the impeccable craftsmanship of generational artisans. Our carefully selected products possess a timeless aesthetic that showcases this country’s rich cultural heritage. From intricately woven textiles that tell stories of identity to meticulously crafted leather goods that capture the narrative of Argentine craftsmanship. Celebrating and sharing these stories enhance the appreciation for the cultural significance and artistry behind each piece.

The emphasis on working with skilled craftsmen and family-owned factories aligns with our values of preserving traditions and contributing to the resilience of time-honored craftsmanship. Our curated collection of home products are a thoughtful blend of cultural richness and timeless aesthetics bringing beauty into your everyday living space and inspire you to dwell well every day.