Polish Hand Painted Tumbler | 8oz


Hand painted tumblers with rounded bases, softly tapered profiles, and a matte textured finish to the lower half, translucent and matte finishes meet in the centre of each glass, creating contrasting surfaces that play on light. 

Open silhouettes which sit comfortably in the hand. Made from soda-lime glass for clarity and strength, and designed for the everyday.

Capacity: 8oz Height: 3 inches, Width: 3.5cm

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Textural finish
  • Organic paints
  • Stackable shape
An organic sprayed texture is applied to the hand painted bases at the halfway mark of each glass.
The quality of the glass guarantees a high level of brilliance and clarity.
Dishwasher safe. We recommend a low temperature cycle and a mild detergent.
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