Curated Artisans

Studio Findings is honored to feature a select handful of talented artisans with whom we have connected and collaborated to bring carefully formed items to your table that carry a soul, a journey, and a story. Skillful hands create beautiful things shared at the table to purposely enhance our experience with one another.

Cultured Finds


We love our cultural heritage, the understanding of connection, and the happiness that arises when we pause to be with each other. The genuine commitment and opening to tradition and innovation. In this, we aspire to connect familiar elements of finely crafted pieces by highly skilled artisans into today's casually sophisticated lifestyle.

We offer more than beautifully crafted pieces; we create a connection to culture and people, whether they grew alongside us across the kitchen table or newly welcomed members of our tribe. From Italian olive oil cruet, hand-embroidered tablecloths, Argentinian blankets, and alpaca wraps to vintage pieces from around the world — all these elements are part of our sobremesa collection and the experiences we bring to the community table.

The Community Table

Studio Findings’ sees the community table as a sacred place to gather, connect, and nourish. We see it as a celebration of friends, family, and a community coming together to share stories, share food, and recollect the day’s journey to indulging ears. The community table is our sanctuary to be accepted, authentic and present in the moment, honoring the ordinary and lifting the extraordinary.

We've journeyed around the world to bring cultured experiences, curated products, and the exceptional people that made them - to the table. The community table is our collective melting pot, made of a community, a culture, and global goods that share the intention to be seen, heard, and beloved.

Each product we create and curate carries a story from where it originated, the value of the hands that formed it, and now takes mindful residence at your table. In bringing these products to you, we desire to demonstrate love and appreciation for different cultures + people + experiences. We crave to connect, gather, be seen, and be nourished.

Creating Sobremesa

Creating Sobremesa

sobremesa (soh-breh-meh-sah) verb
On the table, upon the table, relaxing at the table, reclining at the table, where conversation flows freely, laughter and lounging happen easily.

Laugh, Love, Linger

When each guest is relaxed and satiated with the last dish served, conversations open, and smiles broaden. It’s the magic of the after-dinner hour where soulful connections linger effortlessly into the evening. Where everyone stays a bit longer and sweetly reclines to the flow of what the next topic brings, that is, “Sobremesa.”

Time spent reconnecting with each other is essential in today’s lifestyle. Our souls flourish when we finally catch our breath, let out a hardy laugh, and embrace those rare moments that dished out around the table. Allowing us to feel loved, strengthen bonds, and create comforting memories. Where cherished relationships are nourished, and new friendships are forged.

Our genuine desire in bringing Sobremesa to you is to create an experience of those uniquely shared moments, enrich your life and leave you better off than when you arrived.

Our thoughtfully curated pieces convey elegance with simple beauty, adding to make these moments even more worthwhile, an immersive experience of Sobremesa. Curate a comfy space where intentional moments emerge, friends catch up, stories are shared, and new friendships become old familiar ones. A place where conversations flow naturally and easily.

Our pieces honor artisans around the globe and bring the community to your backyard. Hand-carved bowls and charcuterie platters welcome your guests, and ceramics from generational craftsmen decorate a candlelit table. While cozy soft shawls dangle on the backs of chairs, elegantly accommodating those outdoor moments under the stars. An evening full of memories where guests dream of their return.

We bring you the Sobremesa Collection exclusively by Studio Findings.

We Can Create It For You.

We create Sobremesa for you by bringing our artisan selection, celebrity chefs, and curated experiences to your door. We set the mood, and the table, delivering an intimate experience exquisitely made for you and your guests. Growing up and experiencing Argentina’s Sobremesa culture with my family is a gift I would love to share with you. It is how I learned the art of dwelling well.

Create Sobremesa for me – let’s go.

You Can Create It Yourself.

Create your own personal Sobremesa using our hand-selected Sobremesa-curated finds, products, and community table settings. I would be delighted to pass along my experiences and see the moments shared with you and your family. We would love to see your own Sobremesa. Please share your experiences, early and often.

I’m in. Walk me through it.