Studio Findings brings exceptional pieces that cultivate the art of gathering and dwelling well. Our products are joyfully designed to deepen the connections in your styled spaces.

Artistic Cultivators:

Renata Campion

Maura Wilson

We are cultivators and co-creators of beautifully hand-designed pieces. We partner with artisans from around the globe. Each of our pieces reflects a vetted partnership between Studio Findings and our hand-picked curated artisans. Honed craftsmanship throughout generations at family-run factories, where techniques are taught, and traditions are preserved. All our pieces are globally minded, tasteful, and timeless, reimagined to fit into today’s experiences.


We believe all products and all people have a purpose.

Artisan works and personal expression capture the metamorphosis of the human condition in its growth and struggle. We cling to the stories and meaning behind our discoveries. We appreciate the strength of their origins and the placement in their new dwellings.


We think about our customers first. We plan thoughtfully for them. 

We think of how our customers will use our product finds and how these finds might influence an experience or create a meaningful connection. Our products are thoughtfully researched and brought to market with a professional, compassionate eye for the artisans and the audience. We lean into seasoned and insightful perspectives to bring the world to our audience.


We are all about personally curated experiences.

Experience is to be immersed, dwelled within, and imbibed. We create personal spaces that make you want to linger longer, filled with personal connections, rich enjoyment, laughter, and good cheer. We believe in dwelling-well. 


We have an extraordinary view of life. We elevate the ordinary.

The best way to escape the mundane or tired approach is to take on a healthy new perspective. We changed our view with a fresh perspective in how we seek, think and find through a dogged discipline in discovering the extraordinary in the simplicity of everyday surroundings. Whether we find it across the table or around the world, our sought-after products are meant to elevate the ordinary and celebrate the view.